Proven Health Benefits of Meditation Practice


Today, the world has become a busy place and being busy is the new normal for people. If you aren’t busy, then you are surely considered an exception. These days, we don’t have time for anything. Though we complain about it every time, we don't take any steps to achieve peace of mind. Overextending, Overachieving, and Overstressing ourselves to the point of breaking have become a part of our lives. But amidst this constant hustle, we aren’t realizing the harm it is doing to our bodies and mind.

Keeping your mind in a constant state of flux is akin to leaving your car's engine running all night. You and the car will both run out of petrol at some point. Your topmost priority should be to keep your mind calm and quiet.

It's easy to forget about ourselves since we're so focused on the needs of others, from our employers to our families. As a result, keep the idea that you must quiet your mind in the forefront of your consciousness. You will be able to accomplish more in this manner.


Importance of Learning To Relax

Want to start meditation? Learn to calm and quieten your mind first. Without relaxing, you can’t succeed in meditating. Given below are some of the most common reasons  that explain the importance of relaxing.

Being nervous about something is quite normal and often a part of our genetic makeup. However, following what we have been doing for so long isn’t necessary. We can change our focus and perspective and learn what it means to relax.

The term “relax” is easy to achieve for some people and for others, it is a learned behaviour. That is the beauty of relaxing - if you do not know how to relax properly, you can learn and practice. It may take some time and effort to master, but it is a skill that can be learned

Set Aside Time and Place for Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is nothing but making your mind quiet for some time. Everyone must do it daily to calm their minds and recharge themselves from their busy hectic life schedules. You must set aside a particular time and place that is comfortable enough for you to think of nothing, do nothing, and clear your mind. Such a place can be a corner of your home, a terrace or even a park. Choose the place which is the most suitable for you but make sure nothing disturbs you at that place and time.

If you find your car to be the ideal place, sit quietly there, take some cleansing breaths, and think of absolutely nothing. You will see that after a few minutes, you can feel a sense of refreshment. Doing this every day will make you more productive in all aspects.


Health Benefits Of Practicing Meditation

Many studies show that meditation is having a positive impact on an individual’s health. Inculcating it into your everyday routine and training your mind could directly have a positive impact on the overall well being of your  mind  and mind.

A Healthy Heart

Apart from relaxing your mind, Meditation has several other benefits too. According to some studies, it is proven to help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, which in turn, contributes to a healthier heart.

Multiple studies have shown the beneficial effects of meditation on various cardiovascular risk factors. In addition to decreasing CV mortality, meditation has also been shown to improve conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and high cortisol levels. 

Arthritis and Other Joint Diseases 

Body pain has become a major problem for a large number of people. Days are gone when it was an issue for the older people. These days even younger people face body pain and other joint diseases. But with meditation, one can develop the ability to cope better with pain and stiffness associated with disorders involving chronic pain.

Fatigue and Sleep Disorders  

The importance of proper sleep isn't a secret to anyone. Without a night of sound sleep, the body becomes weak and fatigue sets the stage for disease and stress. People doing meditation every day have the added advantage of getting a good night's sleep. Proper sleep aids in fighting off and recovering from illness. Meditation helps you to fall asleep easily and on time. Structured mindfulness meditation has some clinical usefulness to remediate moderate sleep problems and sleep-related daytime fatigue and other things in older adults.

Warding off Stress 

Meditation is beneficial for your physical health as well as mental health.  People doing meditation seem to deal with stress better as compared to those who don't practice it. It just trains our minds to handle stress in a much better way. There are many different types of meditation practices and mindfulness is one of the most popular forms gaining attention today.

Clinical research shows the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation and have found that its practice changes our brain and biology in positive ways, improving physical and mental health. A review of more than 200 studies related to mindfulness practices reveals that mindfulness-based therapy is especially effective for reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

With time and consistent practice, anyone can learn meditation and train their mind and soul to relax. All you need is to properly schedule your meditation session and follow it without any outside disturbances . If practicing alone seems to be a difficult thing for you, you can even join a meditation class.


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