21 Holistic Tips for your overall health and well-being

Holistic healing

1. Improve Your Posture

Always keep good body posture. Keep your spine as straight as possible.  It will help your muscles to avoid straining and contracting unnecessarily. Also, energy circulates freely throughout your body, only when the spine is straight and nerves unhindered.


2. Breathe Mindfully

Mindful breathing is a great way to get more oxygen into your blood and tissues. If you pay attention to your breathing, you will notice that your breathing pattern is quite shallow. Shallow breathing is not a healthy breathing pattern. You can start out by just inhaling completely and then slowly exhaling completely. If you do this focused breathing for even few minutes, you can immediately notice the better feeling and refreshment it gives. If you are stressed or tired, take a minute out of your day to breathe mindfully.


3. Get Better Sleep

In the morning, if you wake up not refreshed and feeling sleepy or foggy during the day, it is a sign that your body is not getting the right amount of sleep it needs. If so do your best to correct your body’s wrongly conditioned sleeping pattern. Avoid being stressed or exerted within an hour of your bed time and ensure that you get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

4. Maintain Healthy Sleeping Habits

Good sleeping habits are something you have to learn and implement on a daily basis. Poor sleep can be the outcome of bad habits learned by nearly everyone during the teenage years.

Use your bedroom solely for sleep and rest. In today’s busy world, there is a tendency to turn the bedroom into a home office and multipurpose room. Keep your bedroom as a place solely for the purpose of relaxation and restfulness.

Try setting aside eight hours for sleep each night, getting into bed no less than half an hour prior to the time that you want to be asleep. If you do this for a few weeks, you will find positive improvements in your sleep patterns, overall health and productivity.


5. Relax Well

No human being is equipped to function in constant stress mode. It is unhealthy to have a life filled with all work and no play. If a person doesn’t relax enough, the risk of having health problems like high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders is high. Be sure to take some time out for yourself at least once a day. It is very important to give your body the time it needs to wind down, relax and rejuvenate.


6. Meditate Daily

Meditation is the process of quieting the mind by concentrating on some object, thought or the rhythm of breathing. There are many types and styles of meditation techniques that you can learn and try. But the truth is that, not every technique will work for every person. Everyone can benefit from some type of meditation, take some time to learn about different techniques. Meditation helps to improve your state of mind.

Getting started is as simple as finding a quiet space to relax, taking some deep breaths and letting go of everything. Find at least ten minutes everyday solely for the purpose of meditating.


7. Turn Off the Music when Meditating

Just as you would probably accomplish more during a study session without music, the same holds true for meditation. Some people have a habit of playing music while they meditate. Check whether it serves simply as a distraction. If you find it distracts you, stop playing music while meditating or you will not get the required result.


8. Avoid Clutter.

Clutter is a negativity in your home and it drags your energy. Energy do not flow as freely as it should be in a cluttered area. If your bedroom is cluttered, your sleep will be affected in a negative way. Moreover, often clutter is frustrating. Make it a habit of eliminating clutter from the space you live.


9. Avoid Negative Influence of the Television

Television actually induces negative feelings in most viewers as a result of the commonplace violence and gossip. Most of the time television viewing is not so relaxing as some people claim. So use your discrimination while choosing television programs. Make sure the program is worth watching and it helps to elevate your mood in a positive manner.


10. Be Nice to people

Positive energy is contagious. Helping others makes you feel contented. If you do nice things for people, it will bring happiness to you and will begin to feel better about yourself.


11. Be Grateful

Gratitude is extremely powerful, and remembering to say thank you for even the littlest things can be a powerful positive change. It is much more easy and pleasant to express gratitude than expressing frustration. When you continuously express gratitude towards your blessings, it will eventually begin to replace the negative habit of complaining, that we all get into some times.


12. Accept That There is No Clear and Easy Path

Many people spend so much time looking for the easy route. They forget to enjoy the joys of the road. Change your perspective and think that obstacles as stepping-stones along the path of your life.


13. Be Mindful Instead of Bored

Boredom is something that you have to address in a positive way. If you feel bored or stressed at any point of time, practice mindfulness. It brings the root of what is causing you to feel stressed or bored to the surface. It might be something deeper that is causing you stress and anxiety. Through the technique of mindfulness, you are likely to discover what that something is. Practice of mindfulness helps to let go of negative emotions and allows thoughts to flow freely rather than suppressing feelings and thoughts. Suppression of feelings and emotions actually do more harm than good.


14. Perform an Act of Love

According to holistic healers, love is a powerful medicine that can heal anything. They claim that simply giving or receiving affection such as a hug can raise the spirits and begin to heal the body. If you are suffering from grief of some sort, love may be all that you need to start healing.


15. Nourish Your Soul

Your soul also needs nourishment just like the mind and body. Everyone has different soul food, however most find that their soul is nourished by a walk outdoors or spending time with friends and family.

16. Ask Your Soul What it Needs

You need to listen to your inner voice to know what your soul needs. It is important to take the time and focus it needs; otherwise you can lose the connection with your soul and not be able to find out what you are missing. Just a few moments of quietness each day is enough to find it out.


17. Focus on the Dance of Life

Life is ever-changing and ever adapting. Sometimes we all forget to take some time for ourselves out of the day to day hassles of life. Take at least fifteen minutes each day to work on your personal growth and healing. It will make you more aware of the ups and downs of your life and give you tools for dealing with whatever comes your way.


18. Try a Liver Flush

By performing a liver flush you are helping your body to eliminate the built up toxins and gallstones. It is the process of cleansing the liver out of toxins. Liver flushing is important because, our body get rid of all toxins mainly through the liver, which is one of the hardest working organs in our body. You can find instructions for a liver flush from any reputable holistic healer.


19. Perform a Whole Body Detoxification

Consider a whole body detoxification program. The polluted environment, stress and even the foods that you eat can affect each and every cells of your body negatively. Sometimes, the body just needs a break so that it can effectively remove harmful chemicals and byproducts that reduce its ability to fight against diseases and to function at its peak. A complete body cleansing will remove accumulated toxins and other harmful matters out of all organs. It helps you to feel fresh and you will feel more healthier than before.

20. Learn about Your Body’s Uniqueness

Age old Indian medicinal practice Ayurveda focuses treatment for patients upon their body’s constitution – based upon the elements of water, fire, earth, space and air. According to this centuries old practice, diet, activities and healthcare can be specifically targeted to the individual. There are a number of factors that help determine your constitutional type according to Ayurveda. Try to know them and live your unique life accordingly.


21. Eliminate the Root Cause of Health Problems

Eliminate the Root Cause of health problems before trying to treat the symptoms. For example, when a person suffer from indigestion, it makes more sense to eliminate the foods that causing the problem rather than taking medications after the pain starts. Holistic healing is based on the concept of healing the whole body. Therefore it is believed that to heal a problem, first you stop doing the things that are harming you, and then you replace those things with the things that are better for you. This can apply to the body, mind and the soul.


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