The Healing Album ‘Internal Cosmogony’ : An Interview with its Creator Antonio Vergara (Multi-Award-Winning International Artist)

Internal Cosmogony

 Music is an Indispensable Part of Human Experience

‘Internal Cosmogony’  is a New Age healing Album created based on the fundamental principles of Music Therapy.  In Music Therapy, music experiences are strategically designed to utilize the elements of music such as melody, mode, key, harmony, rhythm, duration, pitch/range, meter, form, timbre, texture, and instrumentation for therapeutic effects.

This New Age album is a product of exhaustive research, it has the essence of an exploratory nature, with a profound purpose: healing through music.

‘Internal Cosmogony’ is created by Antonio Vergara, a multi-award-winning international artist, sound engineer, music producer, and educator in Latin America, the United states and Europe. He is also a well-known blues guitarist, lap steel guitarist, singer and song writer.

Antonio Vergara

Antonio Vergara

He has been officially nominated by the Academia executive team, United states for both the “Artist of the Year 2020” award and the “2021 Rising Star” award, and  has been invited to the official ceremony in Hollywood.

He has been working together with Claudia Correa for the successful launch of  this incredible album.

Claudia Correa

Claudia Correa

Today, the central questions of cosmology and cosmogony are being explored within the framework of the Big Bang theory. To think of cosmogony is to think of science, from the origin to the infinite evolution of the universe. What Antonio Vergara proposes with this album is to generate an internal and very personal evolution.

We are very happy to have conducted an interview with such a legend in the world of music like Antonio Vergara and publish it on our website. His New age Album “Internal cosmogony” contains specific tunes that can activate various Chakras (energy centers)  present in our body, thereby promoting overall health.

This album is basically created using Solfeggio frequencies, which is known for profound healing effects on the physical, mental and spiritual level of an individual. So this conversation with him is specifically around the healing aspect of Solfeggio frequencies and music theory.

If you enjoy music as a form of relaxation, these frequencies with their tones can help you improve your physical and mental health [Study].

In this exclusive interview with "Wealth and Wellness", Antonio Vergara opens up the power of music (especially Solfeggio healing tones) to heal and improve people's quality of life.

Could you please briefly explain the solfeggio frequencies?

The solfeggio frequencies are specific tones of sound that serve to improve  the health of body, mind and spirit. The concept is that, we are energy and we vibrate every time a sound wave penetrates into our body.

Does listening to music tuned to Solfeggio frequencies really have a positive impact on the health of the mind and body?

Of course, listening and meditating with solfeggio frequencies helps to maintain well-being and joy in your whole being, it connects you with your sensitive side. It being possible that these sounds that do us good, have an impressive therapeutic effect.  When I shared the album with music therapists, psychologists, and health professionals, they held focus groups with their patients and conducted a study of the improvements that music brought to the lives of these people.  Upon learning this, I felt that the music I had created served its purpose: to improve people's quality of life.

Could you describe the science behind the healing effect of music theory frequencies? 

For this album, I initially worked with the Solfeggio frequencies in their most basic state;  that is, pure sine waves (396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz and 852 Hz and 963 Hz). Then I added a low tampura an octave lower and on that "canvas" I began to paint soundscapes, based on the colors and elements that distinguish each chakra.  It is important to indicate that each Chakra has a name, a meaning, a color and these energetic vibrations change in different situations of our daily life.

The chakras get misaligned due to lack of energy and appear as a physical, mental or emotional illness. That is why on the album, each track from one to seven corresponds synchronously to the seven Chakras - Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudha, Ajna and Sahasrara

Is there any research evidence related to the healing aspect of music theory frequencies?

Well, in the 20th century the solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered by the researcher Joseph Puleo.  He used numeral and mathematical deduction to detect tones that help balance the body and heal it.  The Solfeggio frequencies generate positive effect on a mental level and a vital stimulation for healing.

This was supported by the scientific community linking the type of music played with the physical responses of the human body.  Notably, in 1988 Dr. Glen Rein began to explore the impact of music on human DNA and the effects of types of music on the relaxation process.

The investigations continued until arriving at a conclusion: the frequencies of Solfeggio generate healing effects on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This knowledge consolidated music therapy as an aid to improve people's quality of life.

What all issues are solfeggio frequencies capable of healing? 

They can cure almost all kinds of health problems.  For example, at 285 Hz it encourages the healing of cells and tissues, which allows the body to rejuvenate.  At 337 Hz it stabilizes blood circulation.  At 396 Hz it helps combat low frequency thoughts or feelings, such as fear or guilt.  At 741 Hz it cleans the cells.

Is it safe to listen to the solfeggio frequencies? Are there any potential dangers or side effects in listening to these frequencies?

They are safe although sometimes it can affect the person's sleep when their subconscious works with frequencies that heal with certain vibrations.

Are solfeggio frequencies a form of sound healing technique?

Of course, applied with the correct advice of a music therapist or a professional who knows meditation and yoga, music can be a very valuable tool to heal through its sound frequencies.

Do the solfeggio frequencies have any connection to the sacred music embodied in ancient songs? 

Yes, they have a deep connection since they are frequencies that originated in Gregorian chants and were synonymous with a very special blessing or grace. These were present in the Sanskrit chants of ancient India.

Find your inner healing by listening to this masterpiece


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This album has seven songs, one for each chakra, which ends up becoming a healing experience for those who listen. When it was released, many people have contacted Antonio, commenting that the album “relaxes them”, “gives them a peace state of the mind”, “feeling relieved”.

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All this work was created from scratch and recorded in the studio. The sounds of nature were recreated, for example in Vishuddha,  Antonio used an old porcelain Chinese whistle, he added water and perfectly emulates the sound of birds.

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This album is a melodical fusion between instruments from all around the world, like a Dan Moi from Vietnam, a Chinese hulusi, Tibetan bowls, Andean chajchas, rain stick from the Amazon rainforest, an Aztec death whistle, Djembé, gongoma from Senegal and darbuka from Syria masterfully combined with western instruments like Electric Guitar, Analog Synths, Acoustic Guitars, Lap Steel Guitar and an E-Bow to play the guitar in Sahasrara.

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Before launching this album, Antonio - who has two doctoral degrees (one in sound and music production, the other in Social Sciences with a major in communication) and a Post-doctorate in Educational Policy and Culture - held a listening session with several people, including doctors, psychologists, artists and random people. The results of this process were amazing.


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