Fasting as a Healing Technique for Wellness

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Fasting is an alternative healing technique generally used by Naturopaths, having enormous health benefits. It sometimes does wonders in curing even chronic diseases because the vital healing power within our body becomes more active during fasting.

Observation of fasts as part of Religions

Fasting has been observed as part of rituals or festivals in almost every religions. The practice of taking  fasts dates centuries back and people observe fasts on relegiously important days or periods.

Hindus, Muslims and Christians observe fasts on the grounds of religion and consider it as a means of individual purification. It is said that the control over the sense of taste is the first step towards self-discipline and self-realization.

Physical Benefits of Fasting

We feed our stomach with food on a regular basis without letting it to take rest for enough.The process of digestion is continuously taking place and all digestive organs have to work restlessly for the digestion of the food taken. The glands are also involved in the process of digestion by secreting digestive juices.

During the period of fasting, the organs involved in the process of digestion ie, the stomach, small and large intestines, pancreas and the liver get much needed rest which is a must for the exhausted organs. We feel fresh , energetic and more productive after a moderate level of sleep and rest. This is also applicable to our individual internal organs. They also need rest as we do. Our health and vitality depends on the efficiency of our internal organs.Through fasting, all the internal organs are refreshed and strengthened. Our general health, vigour, vitality and working capacity are increased, and we become more active and alert.

During fasting, because the process of digestion is held in suspense, the blood in our body solely devotes itself to the work of destroying germs and other poisonous waste materials in our body. The body therefore gets more healing power during fasting than it normally possesses.

Thousands of experiments performed by naturopathic healers all over the world confirmed the belief that fasting has a curative effect. Sometimes when all the methods of curing an illness fails, fasting can do wonders.

Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Those who observe fasts periodically are usually calm, quite and in a balanced state of mind. As it has a cooling effect in the blood, during the period of fasting, most of the mind’s disturbances are reduced and it becomes calm and disciplined.

When spiritually taken, almost all religions of the world give importance to the observation of fasts as part of their religious festivals or rituals. In the religious practice, observing fasts is considered as a means of achieving purity and serenity.

One or two days of short fast can be taken by anybody, unhealthy as well as healthy individuals alike. But longer fasts are better taken under the advice of an expert naturopathic healer.

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