Practice of Trataka Improves Concentration, and Makes Your Mind Steady


What is Trataka

Trataka is an age old practice included in yoga literature  for improving one’s concentration and curing eye ailments. is the process of looking continuously at a fixed point with maximum concentration till tears come out to your eyes. According to yoga, Trataka is the practice of fixing one’s full attention and eyes on the idol of one’s worship and devotion.

How to Do Trataka

Method 1

  • Sit in  yoga positions like Padmasana, Siddhasana or Sukhasana. You can also sit cross legged or in whatever positions you feel comfortable.
  • Hang a paper on a wall, at a distance of six or seven feet
  • Make a small black, round spot of about 1centimeter as diameter.
  • Concentrate on this spot without straining or blinking your eyes.
  • Close your eyes slowly when you feel a burning sensation in your eyes or tears start coming.

Method 2

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Place a lighted candle or lamp in front of you (avoid flickering the flame).
  • Concentrate on the flame without blinking or straining your eyes.
  • Close your eyes slowly when you feel burning sensation or tears
  • start coming.

For making Trataka practice successful, your eyes and concentration should be fully fixed on the object. Do not force your eyes to stretch them to the maximum extent. It should be kept open in a natural way. The muscles around your eyes should not be stretched.


Benefits of Doing Trataka


  • Ailments of the eyes are cured.
  • Laziness and intolerance are removed.
  • Mind gets the power of concentration and firm determination.


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