Liquid Gold Honey: Properties and Nutritional Facts


Honey is one of Nature’s splendid gifts to mankind. It has unique nutritional and medicinal properties. It is an age old home remedy and Its rejuvenating properties are well known. Honey has been used for centuries as a food and medicine by people all over the world.

In ancient times, honey made by bees was the only sweetener available to man. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it as a remedy for several ailments, and sweetened food with it for taste, health and nourishment.

Physical Properties of Honey

    • Golden brown in colour
    • Viscous semi translucent liquid
    • Sweet taste
    • Aromatic odour
    • Tendency to become opaque and crystalize

Sugars contained in Honey

  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Sucrose

The fructose in honey is also known as levulose. It helps the body in building up tissues.
Since honey has already undergone inversion, it is a predigested food.


What is Inversion

When we consume cane sugar and starch, it undergoes a process called inversion in the gastrointestinal tract, by the action of the two enzymes invertase and amylase. After this process, cane sugar and starch are converted into simple sugars.

In the case of honey, the process of inversion has already been done by bees,  by means of the secretions from its salivary glands. Sugar in the nectar is converted to simple sugars levulose and dextrose by the bees.

Some people tend to lack the two enzymes Invertase and Amylase.

Advantage of Honey over Other Sugars

Easily absorbable: Honey has certain advantages over other sugars due to the presence of dextrose. Presence of dextrose makes it easily absorbable by our body. It also prevents the rising of the blood sugar level.

Digest fast: Since honey is a predigested sugar, it even helps a person with a weak digestive system or one who lacks the two enzymes invertase and amylase

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