Natural Healing: Cleanse Your Body for Optimal Health


Detox diet


If you wish to have a healthy and energetic body by means of natural ways, the fundamental thing you need to pay attention is to cleanse it, which is the process of detoxifying  your body from toxic accumulations.


What is Detoxification

Detoxification is the process of getting rid of all the toxic accumulations out of your body. Toxic accumulations occur in your body due to internal and external factors. Internal factor is the accumulation of toxic waste materials from various chemical reactions taking place in your body. Externally Toxins enter and accumulate in your body through food and environmental pollution. When this happens, you may feel unexplainable symptoms such as lack of energy, sluggishness, fatigue, skin irritation, allergic reactions or even bags under the eye. An effective detoxification program can alleviate these symptoms and help you feel light, rejuvenated and more healthier.

There are many kinds of detox recipes and programs that intend to cleanse the body by eliminating toxins.

Below are some of the popular ways to detox your body


Cleansing Through Diet

One very popular and comfortable way is to include cleansing foods such as detoxifying juices and smoothies into your diet. Replacing one meal a day with a detox smoothie goes a long way towards getting rid of toxins and boosting your metabolism rate.. The best ingredients to use are all-natural fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in fiber or vitamin C. Stay away from pre-packaged shakes or other chemically enhanced products.


Fruits and Vegetables



Fasting is taking a short break from the process of eating and digestion process. This break from eating gives our digestive system a chance to rest and rejuvenate. Your digestive system will be more efficient when it’s time for it to work again. This detoxifying method may not be much fun. But,it will be worth it afterwards when you notice the feeling of increased energy and refreshment.


Stay Away from Toxic Exposures

This is a preventive measure rather than a detoxification method. Toxins enter our body through food or our environment consistently. These toxins get in the way of your body's healing processes. Stay away from saturated fats, refined and unnatural foods, foods that contain artificial colorings and flavourings, cigarettes, and alcohol as much as possible. Also, try to use natural alternatives to both cleaning and personal care products, to avoid exposure to minor levels of toxins.

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