How Food Itself Has Stollen Control of Our Bodies?



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Now a days, food itself has stolen control of our bodies in such a way that  we can not even avoid the situation of toxic, harmful substances entering into our body on a daily basis and falling prey to illnesses.

In some way or another, a large part of our diet proves unhealthy or harmful to our system.


Contains High Levels of Fat and Sugar

Many of our daily foods contain high levels of fat and sugar. French fries and bacon cheeseburgers drip with weight gain, increased cholesterol levels and higher blood pressure. According to several studies, overconsumption of calories represents the single greatest health threat to individuals worldwide  

Contains Chemicals, Pesticides, Artificial Flavorings and Coloring 

Chemicals prove to be just another ingredient in the recipe with pesticide remnants, artificial flavors and coloring. Moreover, the modern food-processing methods rob fiber and essential  nutrients from whole foods which are considered as a healthy choice.

Children are at more risk from pesticides than adults because children eat more relative to their body weight than adults eat. Exposures during vulnerable periods of development can be particularly dangerous. These vulnerable periods include fetal development, infancy, early childhood and puberty.

Even more dangerous thing is the insidious permeation of toxic contents in our everyday meals. A large percentage of people are unaware of these and the chances of toxic substances entering  into our body is greater.


Gain Weight from Frequent Consumption of High Calorie Snacks and Drinks

In today's society snacking contributes to one-third of daily energy intake. Many snacks consists of energy dense and nutrient-poor foods. the Weight gain from frequent consumption of high calorie snacks and drinks proves too common, and these largely contribute to the ever-rising obesity rates. Studies show that consumption of sugar, sweetened beverages and soft drinks is associated with weight gain and obesity. 


Soft Drinks Contain the Highly Toxic Substance Benzene 

Soft drinks function as a household staple for a majority of society, with its lively bubbles, sparkling texture and energy boosts, For dinner, lunch or even breakfast, we warmly welcome soda, high sugar content fruit juices, and flavored  waters into our glasses.

But researchers have found something even more disturbing. Along with high sugar levels, artificial flavorings, and calcium-reducing fizz, some soft drinks even contain the highly toxic substance benzene – sometimes at alarming levels. In a study related to benzene contamination, it is found that the highest level of benzene, i.e, 23micrograms/L was contained in a soft drink product specially marketed to children. 

Unfortunately, everything in the food we eat today is not always edible. Safeguarding our body from these chemical residues and toxic materials is not so easy and conscientious meal planning is one of the ways to overcome it. Following an individualized diet plan that includes wholesome and natural foods and avoiding foods highly saturated with fat, sugar and toxic contamination can easily ensure health and prevent problems to a great extent.



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