5 Key Factors for Attaining a Healthy and Vibrant Body


There are many things that can impact your health. Some factors influence your health positively, while some others negatively. Avoiding unhealthy practices won’t always be easy.

The five basic factors mentioned below can impact your overall health positively. When you pay attention to these factors in a corrective manner, you will be well set on your way to better health.



 Quality nutrition goes a long way in helping you to lead a healthier life. Several studies indicate the importance of adequate nutrition in maintaining good health. Nutrient rich food acts as good fuel for your vital organs like brain and heart. Lack of getting the essential nutrients needed for your body functioning leads to adverse health conditions. 

 ollowing the results from clinical studies, the eating habits of certain regional diets such as the Mediterranean diet have been constructed by experts as part of dietary patterns designed to reduce disease risk. 



Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) or Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) Diets.

nlike traditional Western diet, these healthier alternatives are higher in plant-based foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts and lower in animal-based foods, particularly fatty and processed meats. Greater consumption of health-promoting foods and limited intake of unhealthier options are intrinsic in these diets.



taying hydrated is extremely important for your body to function properly. Every single cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water for its optimum functioning. The body needs water to lubricate joints, maintain proper temperature and eliminate waste products out of the system. Drinking plenty of fluids is also necessary for optimal heart health. Keeping the body hydrated helps your heart pump blood through the blood vessels effortlessly. Drinking plenty of water in warm weather is especially important to avoid complications related to dehydration.

Studies aimed to determine the potential cardioprotective effects of water in healthy adults show that water ingestion has a positive impact on the cardiovascular mechanism. An acute and temporary decrease in heart rate and systolic BP is observed in response to drinking water. 

The amount of water your body needs daily depends on things like your body weight, climate, the type of clothes you wear and whether or not you're exercising.



Fasting is the abstinence of food or drink or both for religious, ritualistic, spiritual or health purposes. Fasting has been practiced and promoted worldwide and It has been used therapeutically since ancient times. In the 5th century BC, Greek physician Hippocrates recommended abstinence of food or drink for patients who showed certain symptoms of illnesses. Clinical studies clearly indicates that modulating diet and meal frequency, as well as application of fasting patterns (e.g. intermittent fasting, periodic fasting, or long-term fasting) are part of a new lifestyle approach leading to increased life and health span, enhanced intrinsic defenses against oxidative and metabolic stresses, improved brain function, as well as a decrease in cardiovascular risk.



Life forms including humans sustain through Prana (the air we breathe). So the quality of the air we breathe is important. Ensuring to get fresh air that contains enough oxygen to breathe is one of the most fundamentals of staying in good health condition. Oxygen is not only necessary for breathing, but also plays an important role in every metabolic process that occurs in our body. 

Indoor greenery is a great and cheap way to overcome the air pollution inside the homes. Well-placed indoor plants  have potential benefits in people’s health and comfort.Indoor plants can act as indoor air purifiers and studies show that they have an indirect unconscious psychological effect on task performance, health, and level of stress.



 nother wonderful way to stay healthy is alkalizing your body by shifting its pH to the proper level. It can be easily done by adding more alkaline foods to your daily diet. The end goal is to have a body which is more alkaline than acidic. Health benefits of an alkaline diet include an increase in energy level, a more restful sleep, a slower aging process, a clearer mind and ultimately a healthier you. Consider incorporating more alkalizing foods into your meal plan. It’s probably simpler than you think!

Taking care of these five factors can positively impact your health and well-being. If you feel overwhelmed, tackle one area at a time. You're not going to feel transformed overnight. Obviously, it's going to take some time. But, with patience and due diligence, you'll start feeling much healthier before you know it.


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