Wealth and Wellness In The List of Top 100 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs In 2020 by Feedspot

Wealth and Wellness has been placed in the list of Top 100 Healthy  Lifestyle Blogs, Websites and influencers in 2020 by feedspot. So we think, it’s time for a round up of our most popular and useful posts around leading a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy Lifestyle:  List of Our Most Popular and Useful Posts


7 Habits That will Keep You Fit Everyday

We all aspire to achieve and maintain a satisfying level of physical fitness. The definition of physical fitness goes beyond the ability to run fast or pick up heavy weights. Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and it is considered as a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities. It also shows the ability  to be healthy, to resist diseases and to meet emergency situations. Read More>>>


How Food Itself Has Stolen Control of Our Bodies


Now a days, food itself has stolen control of our bodies in such a way that  we can not even avoid the situation of toxic, harmful substances entering into our body on a daily basis. In some way or another, a large part of our diet proves unhealthy or harmful to our system. Many of our daily foods contain high levels of fat and sugar. French fries and bacon cheeseburgers drip with weight gain, increased cholesterol levels and higher blood pressure. Read More>>>


Trans Fatty Acids:  Why You Should Totally Avoid These Toxic Substances From Your Diet

trans fatty acids

The use of trans fatty acids in our commercial food supply is a widely discussed topic today. These artificially made substances are so prevalent in the food supply that most of us are unknowingly consuming it in large amounts every single day.

Research shows that trans fatty acids can increase belly fat and consuming even small amounts is consistently associated with coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. Studies indicate a 32% higher risk of coronary heart disease or myocardial infarction. They contribute to heart disease by raising the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), lowering the levels of HDL (good cholesterol), increasing the amount of triglycerides in the blood stream and promoting systemic inflammation. The research also shows that trans fatty acids can increase visceral fat, contribute to insulin resistance, increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and can adversely affect every cell in our body. Read More>>>


How Does Yoga Help To Maintain Our Health and Vitality

In the present day living conditions, people are prone to diseases and ill health due to several reasons like stress, pollution, food adulteration, use of pesticides etc. Modern life style also contributes to physical disorders and mental tension.

Nature has made our physical body perfect and given us the power to resist illnesses which we are prone to. Even though medicines have been discovered for almost all sorts of illnesses and new treatment methods have been evolved, the dependence of man on medicines is increasing. This is something we have to think about. Read More>>>


5 Key Factors for Attaining a Healthy and Vibrant Body

There are many things that can impact your health. Some factors influence your health positively, while some others negatively. Avoiding the unhealthy practices won’t always be easy.The five basic factors mentioned below can impact your overall health positively. When you pay attention to these factors in a corrective manner, you will be well set on your way to better health. Read More>>>


Best Eating Habits for Achieving Fast Weight Loss

lose weight fast

If you are a person who is overweight and struggling to reduce your extra pounds, you can achieve your goal simply by changing your eating habit. First, prepare your mind for it and accept the fact that you will need to make some changes to your daily eating habits. Making necessary changes to your eating habits alone can help to shed those extra pounds that you have been carrying around. Follow these simple tips and see how easy weight loss can actually be. Read More>>>


How To Prevent Obesity and Stay Fit Naturally

lose weight naturally

Being overweight or obese is one of today’s most prevailing health hazards. Both males and females of any age could be a sufferer of obesity. The excess weight of an obese person is the result of the accumulation of superfluous fats in the tissues of our body. It is a serious health problem that affects a large population all over the world. Obesity often brings upon undesired health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Read More>>>


The Importance of a Well-Planned Diet For a Healthy Life

balanced diet

Health is the most important wealth we can achieve and maintain throughout our life.  Even the richest man in the world cannot enjoy the comforts that his unlimited wealth provides him, if his health condition forces him to run after medicines. For achieving good health and to keep staying in a healthy condition, we need to focus our attention on that aspect and give primary importance to our physical and mental well-being, devoid of whatever busy life schedule we have.

Our body’s natural tendency is to continuously function in a healthy state, unless there is an imbalance in any of the fundamental areas like nutritional intake, exercise, getting proper rest or sleep. Read More>>>











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