Influence of Social Environment on Individuals and Their Health


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Most of us may not be aware of the fact that our social environment could very well be negatively affecting our health. If you are a person who frequently prefers going out for drinking, eating unhealthy meals, your overall health is much more at stake than that of someone who doesn't participate in these activities.

This doesn't mean that socializing harms your health or that you should never have fun with your friends. On the contrary, socializing in a healthy and positive way surely improves your health. Having fun with your friends or dining out occasionally gives your mind a much needed refreshment and makes it more positive. A positive state of mind certainly influences your physical health positively.


Influence of Social Relationship on Individuals

Social relationships—both quantity and quality—affect mental health, health behavior, physical health, and mortality risk. Studies show that social relationships have short- and long-term effects on health, for better and for worse, and that these effects emerge in childhood and cascade throughout life to foster cumulative advantage or disadvantage in health.

The confluence of smaller families, high divorce rates, employment-related geographical mobility, and population aging means that adults of all ages, and in particular the elderly, will be at increasing risk of social isolation and shrinking family ties in the future.

Numerous studies indicate social support is essential for maintaining physical and psychological health. studies have reported that poor social support is associated with the onset and relapse of depression, negative treatment response to dysthymia, seasonality of mood disorder,

Some people have to face comparison issues from their social environment, which may have huge negative impacts on their mind and thereby affect their overall health. Almost everyone with a healthy mind wants to be successful. But when people around you brags a little or starts comparing yourself to others and their accomplishments, it leads to anxiety, depression and other such problems.


Influence of Social Media on Individuals

Social media plays a big role in this scenario. For many people, it's just plain addiction. A recent study indicates that sixty-three percent of Americans login to Facebook at least once a day. Forty percent of those users check their account several times a day. The fact that social media often glamorizes certain unhealthy practices makes it harder for some people to "just say no".

It's also interesting to note that many addicted social media users have wider mood swings and are unhappier than users who don't participate as frequently.

The most common health problem identified was strain on eyes, anger, and sleep disturbance. Being a male, the habit of smoking, alcohol, and tobacco, consumption of junk food, having ringxiety and selfitis were found to be significant risk factors for social media addiction [study].

Believe it or not, this addiction is so common that researchers have created the "Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale." This scale uses six types of criteria to measure an individual's level of addiction. Answering "yes" to 4 out of 6 of the criteria questions indicates a problem.

Unfortunately, some people feel pressured into doing things that their friends do, just to remain "part of the crowd." Don't let the same thing happen to you. If you enjoy doing any of these things, you may want to think about slowing down.

It's never too late to take steps to avoid doing things that negatively influence your physical and mental health. Remember, it won't make you a social outcast, rather, it make you a happier, healthier person and a more cautious friend.


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