Journey of Wonders: Embrace the Beauty and Mystery of Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a mysterious world of wonders and unknown secrets. Delving into the beauty and rhythm of Nature brings us immense joy and ignites our endless enthusiasm to unwind her enigmatic mysteries and secrets.

Being in Nature is inspiring, and provides us with a sense of peace and tranquility.

When we are aware of the different perceptions of Mother Nature and the Ultimate Universe, one of the amazing things is the seeming presence of an invisible and omnipresent Intelligence behind the existence of all the unique creations and the absolute cosmic harmony.

A simple example is that,

the eye lenses of animals and other creatures are set in distinct visual patterns that differ from human vision which is surprising and something to think about.

According to studies, vision functions very differently in mammals, birds, fish, snakes, etc. Research says that snakes that hunt during the day have lenses in their eyes that block ultraviolet light, allowing the reptile to see clearly in bright conditions, while species that hunt at night have the opposite lenses that allow more UV light in, helping them to see in the dark.

Also, the visual systems of humans and other primates are finely tuned to identify dangerous creatures such as snakes and spiders.

A typical human eye can only detect wavelengths ranging from 380 to 700  nanometers. Visible light or visible spectrum is the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Human eyes cannot detect ultraviolet and infrared windows of the electromagnetic spectrum, while some other species can perceive them.

Almighty God created humans as a masterpiece of engineering. The human body and its internal functions are so sophisticated that, the more we understand it, the most we are fascinated by it.

If the human eye lenses were powerful enough to see the tiny creatures such as the Demodex mites or scabies mites that attack and live on human skin, think how terrible it would be.

Just imagine, if the human eyes are powerful to see every minute thing in nature, it is scary and difficult to survive. God is Gifted with the right lens. Therefore, we are seeing the beautiful world.

Unfortunately, the world outside is predominantly negative today with news, television, and social media, etc., and often with human-caused disasters.

Let us pray for a peaceful world by seeing only the right things to enjoy a wonderful HAPPY LIFE!

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