Sadhguru Quotes: 21 Life Quotes by Sadhguru To Inspire You


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a well-known Indian Yogi, mystic, author and the founder of Isha foundation, a not for profit organization which offers yoga around the world. His book “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy” has entered the Washington post and The New York Times bestseller list in multiple categories. He was awarded “Padma Vibhushan” and “Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar” by the Indian Government for his contributions.

Below are 21 Life Quotes by Sadhguru that can inspire and guide you fruitful life.

1.”Only if you are in touch with the innermost core of who you are, will you live a complete life”.

2.”Love should always be liberating process, not an entangling one”.

3.”If you do not value the importance if aspirations, you do not value your future.”

4.“The only real solution to conserve nature is to create a Conscious Planet, that is everyone of us is a Conscious existence.”

5.Pleasure is only a false image of joy. It is beautiful, but it is just a reflection”.

6.”Today is a day to express our gratitude to our ancestors, who have contributed to our lives in immeasurable ways”.

7.“To forgive does not mean to forget. To forgive means not to carry any bitterness in you, because that destroys your life.”

8.“Your intelligence ,your capability,and your competence will find full expression only when you are well balanced within yourself”.

9.” Intellect is like a knife-the sharper ,the better. When you try to handle every aspect of your life with your intellect, it is like trying to stitch your clothes with a knife”.

10.”If you want your body ,mind, emotions and energies to work the way you want ,you need to do  a little bit of Inner Engineering”.

11.”If we do not build a conscious population ,more and more technology means more and more trouble”.

12.”Especially when we face  hard times, it is all the more important that we remain balanced and focused on what matters to us”.

13.”The fight against corruption has to start within you ,as intergrity is an inner quality”.

14.“If we have any love for our children, we have to leave our soil and water in a better condition than they are now”

15.”Dreams are like footprints. By analyzing the foot print, you may know a few things, but it does not reveal the nature of life.”

16.”When you open your heart to give , the grace of the divine invariably seeps in to it”.

17.”Life is not in our activity ,not in our possessions, and not in what we touch ,taste ,see, or smell. You are Life-the rest are just ingredients”.

18.”The secret of Life is to see everything with a nonserious eye, but to be absolutely involved. Like a sport”.

19 .”It is in challenging times that human genius and ingenuity unfold.”

20. Once you are flexible, you are willing to listen; not just to someone’s talk- you are willing to listen to life.”

21. Whatever you have to do right now, do it with absolute involvement. Only then will you know the sweetness of what it means to be conscious.”




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