The Connection Between Brain and Memory

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If you will be able to understand the functionality and working methodology of your brain, you will be able to understand how to improve it. Therefore, we need to explore how our brain functions and what part of the brain controls memory. Let us learn more about these concepts:

Before we get into the biological functions of neurology, we should know the answer to the question that how our memory works?

We often think that memories can be accessed from some ’cabinet’ in our brain that is having a storage of all the memories from our past.  While some belief in the storage boxes in the brain that contain stocks of memories, there are others who substantiate the memories to be flowing through the channels of neurons just like a cable connection functions for your landline telephones or cable TV networks. Well, this process is really complicated to understand if we go the scientific way. Therefore, we have tried to use simple explanations to detail the concepts to our readers.

Memory Consolidation:

Do you know what is meant by memory consolidation? Well, by meaning, memory consolidation is referred to as the ability of our brain to process the occurrences and events and to convert them into the memories. We are discussing the topic of memory consolidation before to enlighten the subject knowledge on what part of the brain controls memory.

Neurotransmitters -which are found in the human brain enable the neurons to have a smooth communication with each other. When the neurons strike together more than one time, it is highly likely that the process will occur again. When this process occurs every time, it leads to memory consolidation.


So, what causes a strong memory recall?

While understanding the connection between the brain and the memory, we are on our way to discover that what causes a strong memory recall!

We have to build strong neural pathways in order to have a good memory recall. How does that occur? The better our cells are able to have an internal communication together, the better it will enable you to access your memories at a faster speed and with greater accuracy. What we can consciously do here is to foster the communication of our neurons by sending the synaptic signals more often so that neurons can get in touch frequently. Initially the process looks complicated but brain training activities act as triggers to help you in attaining better synaptic connections. You can enthusiastically look out for some brain exercises such as solving riddles, puzzles or Sudoku. Start there and reach brain training work out practices to enhance your recall abilities.

Now again coming back to our main question- what part of the brain controls memory. Our quest to the answer for this question makes us understand that the memories are not controlled by any one single part of the brain. As we discussed above- the memory consolidation activities, similarly there are various other brain activities that are controlled by our brain through various exercises.

The complex functionality of our brain has to be understood by breaking down the types of memories that function in our brain-

Implicit memory

Explicit memory

All these memories are stored and controlled by different parts of the brain that play different yet unique roles in forming our memories in one way or the another.

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