Memory Improvement Techniques – Untold Secrets Take Your Memory to New Heights By James Saxon

Learn the right memory improvement techniques and you'll find memorizing anything easy. This is the key to a half-decent memory, if you learn and apply the right techniques you'll find it easy to sharpen your memory skills. What is good about learning such memory improvement techniques is the fact that they only take a few minutes to learn and can be applied instantly, no learning curve nothing. Here I am going to discuss one technique that can turn your memory from not-so-good to very-good in a matter of minutes, a technique that is useful for memorizing lists and sequences in a particular order and can also be applied in a number of other useful situations.

Step 1 - If you are not trying to memorize a list of objects ie: a shopping list, try and convert what you are trying to memorize into a sequence of images that you can vividly picture in your minds eye. For example, if you were trying to memorize the presidents of the United States in the correct order (without any dates), then you would take the name of each president and create an image of that president in your mind, or if you don't know what they look like or can't easily match the face to the name, then try and break up the name into words which you can create an image of. The trick is to be able to vividly picture each item of what you are trying to remember, so in this example, you could also picture the face of a friend with the same name, if you can't directly remember the name of the president from their picture. Most of the time however, it is best to break the name up into separate words you can compose a mental image out of for Bill Clinton for example, you could have the image of a dollar bill. When you are confident you can create an image in your mind for every item on your list, move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Create a vivid link between each item on your list. Let's take the simple example of a shopping list: banana, milk, cat-food, chocolate. Banana you could link to milk by thinking of making banana milkshake. Milk you could link to cat-food by picturing the cat drinking milk and then eating it's cat-food. Cat-food you could link to chocolate by eating cat-food mistaken for chocolate. The funnier and more outrageous it is, the more memorable it will be. Normally your list will be longer than this four item example, but the effectiveness is still the same providing you can create those vivid links in your mind.

Step 3 - Review your list and the links you have made. Start with the first item on your list and see if you can reproduce the whole list from the links you have made, if you get stuck, have a look at the original material and re-enforce the link, but this time make it bigger, more funny, and more outrageous. Usually it only takes a couple of tries and you can remember the whole list without needing to refer back to the original material.

Memory improvement is all about finding the technique that suits you best as there is a whole variety to choose from, see Memory Improvement Techniques for the best, and Genius Brain Training for more.

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