How to Use Brain Psychology to Improve Your Memory By Karn Patel

Normally we find ourselves using the logical side of our brain (the left). Actually when we started learning in school, the education techniques centered themselves around exercising the use of the left side of our brain. But, what this means is that we are using roughly half of our brains potential. With this article you will learn how to successfully apply both hemispheres of your brain and what it means.

First we should learn the basics about what each side of our brain does.

The left side of our brain is the logical area. But, it also is the part of the brain that gives us what we call muscle memory. This is where we learn to automatically react to certain things, the term is used more in sports. This side of the brain also is the part that learns numbers, letters, words, lists, etc.

The other half, the right side, is the creative section. This is more centered towards seeing in your mind. It is the area where you have something called your spatial notepad. The 'notepad' is where you can see things in your brain, or imagine.

The brain is more complicated then that of coarse, but the idea is that the left side of the brain targets flat facts and the right side is more toward parallel thinking.

Now, the idea is that using both sides of your brain will make you more likely to remember anything. The idea is to add mental tags to what you want to remember with both sides of your brain.

Here is an example of how you can improve your memory by using mental tags. When you are trying to learn the French word for dog (chien) instead of trying to remember it as "okay, chien means dog", try to think of a picture of a dog when ever you hear the word chien. That way you are using the left side of the brain for the word and the right for the mental picture.

Why does this help?

This is so that when ever you see a dog you can think chien and when ever you hear the word chien you see a picture of a dog. This is going by the basic trigger effect in the brain. The brain associates memories in a chain. So when you see a dog you automatically think, dog or chien.

Karn Patel is the owner of IQ Leap He is also an expert on the topic in increasing intelligence.

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