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Self love is very different than loving anyone else in the whole world. When we love someone, we are giving away everything for their happiness. But for ourselves, we hardly take out any time. Even if we talk about self love, the things that we do for ourselves will be very limited. So, it is better to inculcate this feeling of loving yourself.

It is possible to love yourself for happiness by including a few smart changes in your own life. Self love doesn’t mean going out and travelling the whole world without caring about anything else! Self love is more concerned with respecting and taking care of your health, well being and mental health by being more conscious of your life.

Below are a few very useful pieces of advice pertaining to self love that will help anyone in the long run:


Be Truthful To Yourself and Do Not Judge Your Capabilities

Sometimes in life we start comparing ourselves with the success and bestowments of other people. In reality, we do not know what situations he has gone through! Every person has a unique journey that makes looking behind worth a while. You should stop comparing yourself with anyone else in the world. Just accept yourself the way you are!


Love Your Body, Workout Regularly

You may be fat, slim or athletic! Whatever state of body you possess, you do not need to be worried about it. It could be due to various reasons. But what you need to learn, is to be stay healthy! Therefore, adore yourself and embrace fitness through regular workouts.


self love


Do Something that Makes You Happy

When we do something with all our heart, we usually do it well. It gives an immense satisfaction to our heart and generates happiness in our emotions. Therefore, do something every day that makes you happy. it can be anything- some people like to sing to liberate their emotions, while others like to dance. Some even like to cook to ponder their love in the food. Similarly, there are so many passions that dwell in each one of us. Find what your passion is and give it some part of your day.


Talk To Your Friends

The social circle, the social stigma has caused us bound among the relatives and the need to meet expectations associated with them. However, most of the times these restrictions are imposed by our own self as we do not find the courage to take that one step of self happiness. When we keep talking and meeting with people bound by some relations, restrictions, we hardly feel any happiness. Just remind yourself, how you used to run to your friend’s house every evening as a child! Call upon your friends and share your concerns with them. They will guide and make you laugh, tell you to ignore the things that stress you out. It is a  known fact that our best friends turn out to be out best allies throughout our lives. So, be more regular in talking to your friends.


Spend Time with Nature

If you are alone and feel lost, step out and see the beauty in the nature that surrounds you. Start owning the nature and realise the blessings you are bestowed with. In fact you can contribute by watering the plants or adding fertilizers to your garden. If you do not have a very big space in your house, set up a small kitchen garden. These days various creative ways of setting up cute kitchen gardens have been invented such as spare tyres, empty bottles, trash cans etc. Use these empty cans and plant some saplings in them.

Self love does not imply being selfish. It just means exploring your inner happiness and connecting with it. In fact, self love gives rise to self respect as you start paying attention to what you like and what you don’t! Indulge in self love which is positive, constructive, educative and satisfying. There are so many small changes that can be inculcated in day to day life that has the power to turn a stressed out day into a happy day. Watching a late night movie, dancing on to your favorite song, eating what you love- one thing at a time is not a bad idea to give yourself small quantum of happiness every day.

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