How Much Water Do You Need To Drink Daily


Mineral water

Water is one of the most essential elements needed for our proper body functioning. It is necessary for each and every function taking place in the entire body. Every single cell, tissue and organ needs water for its optimum functioning. Water is needed to lubricate joints, maintain proper body temperature and to remove waste products, which are the byproducts of chemical reactions taking place in your body.

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Need for Proper Hydration

A well hydrated body is the primary thing towards optimum health. Sufficient intake of fluids is also necessary for optimal heart health. When the body is well hydrated, your heart can pump blood through the blood vessels effortlessly. In other words, your heart doesn’t have to overwork when your body is well hydrated. Drinking more water also helps the muscles to work more efficiently.

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The Amount of Water You Need Daily

There is a general concept about the amount of water a person needs to drink daily, which is around 8 glasses. But, the actual amount of water your body needs depends on factors like your body weight, climate, the types of clothes you wear and whether or not you exercise regularly.

Water is the best fluid to drink in order to hydrate your body. If you drink enough water in the morning, you will feel happier, sharper and more energetic throughout the day. Some people don’t like the taste of pure water. Some fruits and vegetables have a higher water content than others. Including them in your diet can help to keep you hydrated, even when you drink lesser amount of water. Studies show that eating some fruits and vegetables that contain high amount of water can hydrate your body as effectively as drinking water. Since they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural sugars, you will get the added bonus of nourishment.

A few of them with high water content are listed below.


Iceberg lettuce
Green peppers


Red seedless grapes

People who exercise regularly must drink more water than the amount they usually consume. Also, paying attention to staying hydrated in hot weather is extremely important.

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