Why You Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from Your Parents

Most of us have heard about inheriting talent from parents or ancestors. But what about inheriting education from parents. As parents, most of us tend to insist our children to pursue the exact path we came through in different areas of our lives only because we have achieved certain success. 

Even in the area of education, parents dominate to decide in which institution their children have to take admission for their college education, what subject they should choose to study etc. What our children become is not by their rational choice, but inherited by conditioning and habits, sometimes passed through generations. This is an outdated belief that does nothing good for today’s new generation kids.

Often most parents forget the fact that they were born and brought up in an era without even a computer or television while their children are living in the world of internet and smartphones. Before going to pre-school they handle it smarter than their parents do.

When children are forced to follow the limiting rules or beliefs of their parents, they are held back from their true potential and true identity or true self.

In today’s society of changing opportunity scenarios and corporate requirements, we should not limit our children’s imagination and aspirations with our limited experience.

We must encourage our children to question anything that is in their life, for it will bring up a new way to perceive life. This will help them think things that we never thought about.

It is time when we should #ThinkBig and guide our children to dream high and achieve their goals.

View this unique video to find out how such opportunities, to think big and grow high, are provided in universities like LPU.


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