Why Parents Should Identify and Catch-Up their Child’s Lost Growth



A child’s growth and all other developments starts right from infancy and physical growth continue only up to it’s adolescence period. Physical development involves attaining the proper height and body weight as per the age. Since physical development significantly  contribute to other developments including brain development, it is very important to monitor children during their growth period to ensure they attain maximum body development as per their age.

A child’s body needs  to be developed in such a manner that it’s height and weight should increase according to its age as it grow. Some children grow taller rapidly  by surprising their parents. But some others   tend to fall behind on their growth and  do not reach the right height and weight as needed for the children of their age group. For most parents this is a great concern and often they do not know what to do for catching up their child’s lost growth.

Inadequate nutrition or under nutrition due to poor diet, recurrent diarrhoea and infections, especially intestinal worm infections and hereditary factors are considered as the general reasons for falling back on growth.

Even though heredity plays a key role in determining the overall size of an adult, a large numbers of such cases are due to under nutrition.

Lack of vital nutrients in children’s diet and insufficient calorie intake are the main causes of under nutrition.  According to medical experts, reduced rate of physical development in children may lead to delayed mental development which will result in poor school performance and reduced productivity later in work life.

Child malnutrition remains a major public health problem in the world especially in developing countries. It is considered  as a serious  health concern by the World Health Organisation (WHO)and it has specific guidelines for addressing the problem.

In many households, feeding the children under age five is a difficult task and most children are reluctant to eat sufficient food ,that is needed for their proper growth. This is because they are addicted to playing and other such activities while feeding. These children need to balance their nutritional requirements either through proper diet or supplemented nutrition to avoid falling behind on growth.

To prevent undernutrition, children must be fed diets, which meet at least the minimum requirements in terms of nutritional and caloric values. Parents need to be educated in this aspects and they should follow the WHO Child Growth Standards Meridian to make sure their child is not fallen behind on growth by not attaining the right height and weight as per the age.

Horlicks Growth+ is a specially designed  nutritional formula  for children in the age group of 3-9 years who falls behind in their height and weight. This clinically proven formulation is developed by paediatric experts under international standards and contains whey protein and other necessary nutrients that are known to be beneficial for catching up lost growth.

It is clinically proven by conducting several studies and found that the supplemented drink could produce visible growth almost in six months.The company also provide Horlicks Growth+ Calculator in their website to find out your child’s growth rate per age and to ensure perfect growth.

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