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Quick Description

Instant PDF Generator is a piece of software produced by the team at Generator Software which creates PDF files compatible with Adobe Acrobat and other third party PDF tools. The major difference between this products and many of it’s competitiors is it’s reasonable price and ease of use.

The price is the first item that jumps out primarily because many other alternatives (especially Adobe Acrobat) can run upwards of $200+. This however is much more reasonable and yet produces the exact same outcome.

Secondly, the simplicity of this software makes it extremely easy to start using without having to know any other skill sets other than sending something to print.

Once installed, it uses a 4-step process similar to how you would print a regular document. With PDF becoming the standard in electronic distribution, Instant PDF Generator makes it very easy to get started.

Also, the “email function” is extremely handy if you are looking to email someone a PDF document that you are working from. You don’t even have to login to your email client and you can do it straight from the software application.

Since Instant PDF Generator uses the print functionality to produce the PDF documents it’s crucial that it be compatible with many other desktop applications. With that said, last time I checked Instant PDF Generator also came with lifetime updates so your assurred to have the latest version available to you when after you purchase.

Generator Software always produce high quality products and Instant PDF Generator falls into that category. With it’s simple user interface it makes it very simple for someone to create a PDF document from virtually any application where you would be able to print.

When you add all these features along with the full-time support staff that Generator Software have made available for you, Instant PDF Generator becomes an incredibly cost effective alternative to purchasing Adobe Acrobat helping you create your PDF documents quickly and easily.

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