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Quick Description

eBook Generator is a very useful piece of software created by Armand Morin’s company Generator Software. The software not only walks you through the steps to creating your very own eBook, but it compiles everything for you in a very professional finished product

This product has been at the top of it’s category for years and it’s easy to understand why. The layout and structure of this software make creating your eBook a snap. It’s great for anyone looking to create a smart and professional eBook complete with your own graphics (you can customize the whole thing). In addition, you can save your layout as “templates” so that you don’t have to start from scratch the second time around.

Features like internet linking, password protection, eBook search as well as the having the ability to add multimedia files within the eBook, offer free trials, restrict access to certain areas of the eBook and so many others make eBook Generator the leader when it comes to eBook creation.

It also has an amazing security feature which virtually eliminates the chance of someone stealing your eBook as well as a full tracking system so that you can see when and how often your customers are reading your material.

Things To Watch For:One thing to watch for is the format that it uses after creating your eBook. It turns your ebook into an EXE file which is harder to send through email. However, with all the additional features that are available because it is in a EXE file, eBook Generator becomes a no brainer. My recommendation is to simply create a download page for your customers to retrieve your eBook instead of sending the eBook through email.

If you are looking for a way to compile your information into an eBook format then eBook Generator should be at the top of your list. Dollar for dollar, this is by far the best product on the market and the one thing that I like about all Generator Software products is they have a full-time support staff. So if you have questions, you can always get answers.

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