What To Do If Your Work Environment is Destructive

When the environment you work in is destructive and harmful, it is very likely that you cannot just leave the job and run away making some eloquent gesture to those people who make your life bitter, unless you have enough money saved to take you a few months of vacation while quietly looking for something better.

Even if you've made the decision to leave as soon as you can, you may have no choice but to stay in that job for a while. In that case, the best thing you can do is learn how to handle the situation so that it affects you as little as possible.

This will not only help you feel better, but will also help you learn to handle these difficult situations in the future.


What is a Destructive Work Environment like?

Destructive work environments can be different but, in general, we can define them as those work places where:


  • The boss is incompetent and abusive , demands that his employees do tasks that do not correspond to them, speaks with contempt or exercises any other type of unfair treatment.
  • You have problems with peers . Co-workers make you empty, they don't give you information you need, they spread rumors or gossip about you, they don't do their job (which hinders yours), etc.
  • The workload is excessive (job stress), you are asked a lot but it is a very poorly paid job, important supplies are lacking and, in short, the characteristics of the job or company conditions make you in a particularly stressful situation.


What Can You Do

Although you may be thinking about strategies like setting fire to the office or getting on a plane at the end of the world, there are less drastic strategies that you can resort to without ending up in jail:


1. Set a Goal

What is the first step to be able to do something? Know what you want to do. Therefore, decide if you want to change your job or continue learning how to handle the situation well. If you have decided to change jobs, start making plans about the steps you are going to take to achieve it and practice patience (that virtue almost extinct in this frantic society).


2. The Only Person You Can Completely Control is You

If you could control the mind and actions of others, you would be in a heavenly hotel far away from here, laughing at everyone. So stop thinking about what others should do and focus on what you can do. Your boss can tell you that you don't do anything right, but you can believe it or not, you can feel contemptible or ignore what he has said, you can be filled with anger or choose not to take it personally, but as an example of how rude that person is. If your colleagues don't give you important information, you can think of other ways to get it. If those colleagues gossip about you behind your back, you can take a moment when they are all together to tell them openly and calmly that you know what is happening and that if they have something to say to you or a problem, they can say it directly to your face and try the subject as adults (it is a politically correct way of calling them childish children). And so on, for each problem you can think about what you can do to solve it, or at least make it less serious, or you can ask your friends and family for ideas.


3. If You are Bad, I am Worse

To worse because you are continually trying to take revenge on each other (yes , even though we are no longer eight years old, this continues to happen). If this is happening, you can do two things: talk to that person and propose to make a clean slate and a new account; or it goes directly to behave with him or her as you would behave with someone who was a good partner. This can make your behavior change in a surprising way (try it out).


4. Take Time to Take Care of Yourself and Relax

If work is generating stress for you, it is essential that you do something to regain strength, disconnect and relax when you get home. Try to shake off as much stress as possible:


  • Do some type of physical activity (except beat your boss): sports, stretching, yoga , going to a gym , etc.
  • Do activities that distract you and make you laugh.
  • Spend time with your friends in a relaxed way, trying to put aside work and have fun.
  • Practice a hobby that is entertaining and absorbing.
  • Listen to music that relaxes and inspires you.
  • Read inspirational books.

And, in short, follow this golden rule: for every bad thing that happens to you, as an insult from your grotesque boss, make one or two positive things happen to you (other than always eating a chocolate cake).

Written by: themesmob

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