Vitamin D Sources and Supplements for replenishing the amount of vitamin D


vitamin D

Vitamin D (known as sunshine vitamin) plays an important role in the healthy functioning of several organs. It is a group of fat soluble vitamins in which the major forms are vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Some forms are produced in your body when you are exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin D helps to regulate the calcium and  phosphorus levels in your blood in general. It also helps to strengthen the immune system and promote born formation.


Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Symptoms

Hypovitaminosis D is the deficiency of vitamin D and it can result from inadequate nutritional intake and sunlight exposure, disorders that limits vitamin D absorption, poor metabolism etc. Hypovitaminosis D is a deficiency results in impaired born softening, which leads to rickets in children and ostomalacia and osteoporosis in adults . Muscle weakness, aches and muscle twitching are some other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.


Main Vitamin D Food Sources

Fatty fish species like salmon,macherel, sardiness, egg,beef liver and fish liver oils such as cod liver oil are the main vitamin D sources.


Vitamin D Supplementation

Vitamin D supplements can help to replenish the amount of vitamin D in your body if you aren’t getting enough from a daily normal diet.

There are many forms of Vitamin D that can be found in the D supplements. The most important D vitamins that your body needs are D2 and D3. D2 is produced from fungus and from plant sources, and is not produced by the body. D3 is produced from animal sources, and it can be made in your skin when the right particles in your skin react with the ultraviolet light that comes from the sun.

Both kinds of Vitamin D are important in most mammals in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D in your diet, a good thing to do would be to consult your doctor or a nutritionist and see what kind of vitamin supplements might help you in the long run. Like with any kind of Vitamins, getting the right amounts of Vitamin D is important. Exposing to sunlight daily is also an essential part of your vitamin D health.

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