9 Great Ways to Survive Burn Out

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By Peter Murphy

We have all experienced the familiar sting of burnout: the feeling of being mentally and physically exhausted, the fear that any moment now, you will drop down and not be able to get back up.

You've been going a hundred miles a minute and now that shifty, unpredictable rollercoaster is catching up to you.

You feel like you have to keep going but you don't know if you can, and the crashing and burning is imminent.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Nine time out of ten, we have complete control of that burnout.

We know that it's coming, we know that it can and will happen and yet we do nothing to make it better. We do nothing do stop the train from crashing into that brick wall.

We can stop ourselves from becoming burned out and remain motivated to do our jobs while doing so.

1. First: stop and breathe deeply

Deep breaths are not only good for the mind; they're good for the body. Your body feels more energized when it takes in oxygen, and you force yourself to focus and...

2. Regroup

Sometimes we're so concentrated on doing what we can to finish what we started that when something goes wrong, we're thrown off and we get stressed out.

That's when you know you're getting burned out.

Before you get to that point, regroup and refocus. Take some time to step back and look at everything, and decide what you're doing and how.

3. Ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask family, friends, or co-workers to help you through rough patches. Ask for their advice, seek their guidance, listen to their thoughts and opinions.

They will be just as eager to help you through your crisis as you are to get out of

4. Take a break!

You've been working hard, so much so that you can't think about anything else. Sounds familiar? It should, if you're prone to burning yourself out.
It's OK to take a break.

Take a walk, get some air, call a friend, go to the gym, buy a purse: whatever you have to do to get your mind off the task at hand, do it.
But when you come back...

5. Remain calm, focused and steady

There is no joy in doing something if you are neither motivated nor focused.
When questions arise, remain clear headed and organized. If you find that things are getting too out of control and you can't seem to focus no matter how much you try...

6. Just go home

Seriously. You will be no good to anyone if you can't keep yourself from breaking down under the pressure of burnout.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, the best thing to do is just to stop where you are, gather your things and go home.

If you are home, then turn off the computer, turn off the phone and just chill.

7. Showers are wonderful things

A lot of people swear by baths, but I am a shower fan.

Feeling the warmth of the water hit the nape of your neck, it is by far one of the most relaxing feelings on earth.

Always keep a special aromatic soap at home, something organic or natural that you can use on days like these, when you're stressed out and ready to break, when you're not motivated at all and you just feel completely burned out.

Eucalyptus, sandalwood, lavender and chamomile are always nice. Enjoy the alone time and just relax.

When that is done...

8. Get a good, natural, full night's sleep

Slip into your most comfy pj's, grab your favorite comforter, get your room nice and cool so you can snuggle under the covers, and get a good night's sleep.

That means more than the four hours you usually get. A good night's sleep is about 8 hours of uninterrupted, deep sleep. Your body will need the release and will thank you for the rest.

A lot of times we burn out because we have not given our body the proper amount of time out.

What a difference a good night's slumber makes!

9. Put your well-being before the tasks at hand

Remember that you can't do a good job if you're not taking care of yourself.
Be proactive in keeping your mental, emotional, and physical state so that you can counter any feelings of getting burned out by whatever you're trying to accomplish.
These are just some of the things that you can do to make yourself less susceptible to burnout and get back your motivation. The more you put these things into practice, the more you'll be able to remain calm and focused in the face of stress.
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