3 Ways to Think Big

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By Tracy Crowe

Are you a big thinker? Most of us go along just seeing things as they are and ourselves as we are and making do with that. That's why our lives usually don't change very much. Big thinkers are big achievers. They see what could be instead of what is. They see themselves as people who are capable of making a difference. Here are 3 ways to shift your thinking so that you expand your vision and then improve your performance.

1) Change your vocabulary.

The most important thing about a person's vocabulary is the effect his words have on himself and on others. Each word creates a picture in our minds. If I say that "We face a problem" then other people will have a picture in their minds of something difficult and unpleasant to solve. If I say that "We face a challenge" then they will have a picture in their minds of something pleasant to do, a fun sport.

A person who thinks big is an expert at creating positive, optimistic, forward thinking pictures in the minds of both themselves and others. It's all about how you look at things. A small thinker might say "The competition has all the advantages. How do you expect me to sell against them?" whereas the big thinker might say "It's true the competition is strong but nobody ever has all the advantages. Let's put our heads together and figure out a way to beat them at their own game".

A big thinker uses cheerful positive words to describe how he is feeling, and to describe other people. He uses positive language to encourage others and he compliments others at every opportunity. He uses positive words (encouraging and promising victory) when he outlines plans to others.

2) Change your attitude.

There are 3 attitudes you need to take. The first is "I'm enthusiastic". When you are enthusiastic about something, you soon develop enthusiastic followers, and are on your way to success. To develop enthusiasm, you can learn more about the topic, person, or place. You can also shake hands, smile, and talk like you really mean it. Look alive. You can also broadcast good news wherever and whenever possible, because it makes both you and others feel better.

The second attitude is "You are important". Everybody needs to feel important if they are to succeed. It pays to make "little people" feel like they're important. When you make them feel important, you help yourself feel important too. If you picture other people at their best, they will live up to that. You'll get better cooperation and performance out of them. Practice appreciating and praising others at every opportunity. Call people by their names. Go out of your way to do nice things for them.

The third attitude is "Service first". Look for ways to give people more than they expect to get. Ask yourself "How can I give more than is expected from me?" Find ways to increase your value to others.

3) Manage your environment.

Our environment, including the people we spend time with, affects the way we think. We learn from other people. If we surround ourselves with negative small-minded people, we become negative and small-minded, but if we surround ourselves with positive ambitious people we become positive and ambitious. Make sure you hang around with the right people, the people who you admire and want to become like. Accept comments that you can't do something only as a challenge to prove that you can do it. Get your advice only from successful people. Join new organizations and circulate in new groups. Select some friends who have views different than your own. This will stimulate your mind. Never gossip; if you are going to talk about others, only say positive things.

Buy the best goods and services. It actually saves you money in the long run to have a few things that are expensive and good quality, then to have many things that are cheap and junky. If you develop an instinct for quality then other people will rate you more highly, although perhaps subconsciously.

If you change your vocabulary, your attitude, and your environment, you will develop the ability to think big. You will have more confidence in yourself and your capabilities. You will be surrounded by people who will do their best to help you. You will be happier. This is the way to achieve everything you've always wanted to.

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