Truth about Reducing Carbohydrate Intake and Weight loss


One of the leading causes behind so many weight loss failures is lack of education. Most people thinks that all carbohydrates are bad and that if one can reduce carbohydrate intake or totally avoid it, then weight loss will become easy.

Remember that not all carbs are bad. Making the right decision regarding carb consumption can result in quick weight loss.
There are actually two types of carbohydrates which are labeled as ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’. The bad carbohydrates should be avoided and consuming the good ones will provide your body with the much needed nutrition and energy. To ensure quick weight loss one must be aware of what types of carbs should be consumed and what should be avoided.
Bad carbohydrate
The Bad Carbohydrates: Processed foods contain a lot of carbs which are in the bad carbs category. In their natural state , these foods contain some nutrition but as soon as they are processed and pass through several food processing stages, much of their nutritional value is lost. What is left are empty calories which only helps to make you fat.
Examples of such foods are chips, white bread, pasta, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, candies, etc. These foods should be avoided at all costs, if you are serious about weight loss.
These processed foods contain a lot of sugar whichis rich in calorie content. The more sugar you consume, the fatter you become.These foods offer very little nutrition to your body and since they have very little fiber content, they are easily converted into fat deposits.
Apart from weight gain, eating processed foods regularly can also result in diabetes, since your blood sugar levels increase so much that it becomes extremely difficult for insulin to control it.
Healthy diet
The Good Carbohydrates: Good carbohydrates can usually be found in natural foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, wholemeal pasta, wholegrain wheat, etc. These foods contain carbs but not the ones that would make you fat. These are slow carbs which take a long time to digest and therefore, you don't get fat. The fiber content in these foods are also high and these fibers will keep you full for a long time which is a natural way to suppress your appetite.


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