A Winning Strategy for 2009

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Happy new year everyone! In the first article of this year I want to suggest two parts of a strategy that you can use to supercharge your 2009 right from the beginning. I think you'll find these processes simple, enjoyable and fun to do and I PROMISE the results will be rewarding!

Now, many people start the new year with "new year's resolutions", which is a great way to consciously set your intentions for the days ahead. I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of those, to be honest. I've come to perceive new year's resolutions as promises that you make to yourself of "righteous" but usually unpleasant or downright boring things to do alllll-year-long. So they kind of set you up for failure, if you do them this way. How many times have you made a new year's resolution that you've kept up with for more than a couple of weeks anyway?

The strategy I want to suggest to you as a replacement for new year's resolutions is A LOT more fun to do and at the same time surprisingly productive.

It consists of two parts (two processes). You have to do them in the correct order. The good thing is, they're very simple to follow, don't take much time, and require very little effort (I don't know if you can even call it effort, cause it's more like play!) AND you can do them anytime you want, not just at the beginning of the year. In fact, you can use these processes at the beginning of any new journey or venture that is important to you. These are like "segment intending" on steroids!

One final note, before I let you in on the nitty-gritty of it. You will get best results if you do these with a piece of paper and a pen, while sitting comfortably in a quiet place. But you don't have to. You can simply do them in your mind, anytime, anywhere.


Part I. The Best-Case Scenario

The first part of the strategy is a sort of a brainstorming session. What you do is you try to list all the good things that you expect that might happen in your life this year. Anything good you can think of that has even a remote chance of happening, you write it down. Except you state it in the best-case scenario. For example, if you expect that you might be changing jobs this year, you write something like this: "In the best case, I will find a perfect new job this year that pays much better than my current job and is A LOT more fulfilling!" Or if you've been saving money for a new house, but still have quite a ways to go, you can write something like this: "In the best case, I will find an amazing deal for exactly the kind of house I want and I'll come up with the money for it just in time!" Or may be there's a loved one in your life who is in hospital and you hope they'll get better... Then you can write this: "In the best case, grandma will recover very soon and we will spend a lot of quality time together!"

I think you get the idea. Now the key part to this is to not be objective. The point is not to write down what's likely to happen. May be you don't believe you'll find a better job, and may be there's no way on earth you can find the money for this new house, and may be the doctors don't give much of a chance for grandma... That's not the point. The point is to write down some good things that might happen (however unlikely this might be) and to envision them happening in the most positive possible outcome.

List as many of those as will come to your mind naturally, but don't try too hard. Only write things that come easily to your mind. Keep the entries short and sweet and make sure that each entry you write brings a smile to your face when you imagine the best possible outcome of it. That's really the key.

Now take a short break, then move on to part two.


Part II. The Lucky After-math

In the second part, you get to write a letter to an imaginary (or real!) friend. Get out a new sheet of paper and date your letter in the upper right-hand corner. Except don't date it with today's date! Imagine it's the end of the year already, so you date it December 30, 2009.

Now start writing this letter to your friend and let them know about all the good things that happened to you throughout the year. Imagine that most of the things you wrote down in part one have come true and let your friend know just how lucky and grateful you feel about all of this! So, your letter might start out with something like this:

Dear friend,

It's the end of the year and, like I promised, I'm writing you to let you know of all the lovely things that happened to me in 2009. You wouldn't believe what an amazing year it has been for me! Matter of fact, twelve months ago I wouldn't have believed this either!

First of all, I'm very excited to let you know that I got a new job this year and boy am I trilled about it! I never imagined I could find a job that I love so much! I go to work eagerly every morning because I simply love my new coworkers and I feel so valuable and appreciated in this job! PLUS, I make about three times more money than my last job paid! And all of this in the middle of this financial crisis that everyone is talking about! Can you believe it???

I haven't bought that house that I wanted to buy yet, but I found an even better one that I completely fell in love with. It's large and pretty, with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden, and it's at a GREAT price! I'll probably buy it in January. I'm glad I didn't buy that other one now.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Grandma came out of the hospital and she's feeling really good for her age! I'm so happy to be able to spend more time with her again.

So there, that's about it. I'm so excited about everything that happened this year and so looking forward to the next!

Thank you for being such a great friend!

Happy new year!

~ Me
Get the idea? The important point here is to make it sound real to you -- to put your doubt and pessimism aside for a few minutes and to allow the fantasy to take a life of its own. Now don't make it too outrageous, to the point where it's ridiculously unbelievable to you. Just write it as thought the best things that you hoped might happen have actually happened.

Once you've done these two parts, simply accept that the strategy is set into motion. There is nothing more for you to do about it. Not a thing! Put those pieces of paper away somewhere and simply allow things to unfold for you this year in whatever shape, size or color life brings them to you.

In the best case... you'll get everything you've wanted, and then some! 🙂

Happy new year! May it be filled with love and happy moments for you!

~ Jordan

Jordan Dimov is a technology entrepreneur who also writes personal development articles and maintains a large collection of inspirational quotes and resources. You can read more articles like this on his blog at http://creating2009.wordpress.com/

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