‘A letter from Isaiah -Will of Isaiah’ – The Healing Animation Movie for The Future Humanity



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A Letter from Isaiah

Good movies have the power to influence human minds. Bad movies have it as well. 'A Letter from Isaiah' is one such movie which has the power to impact and heal us in a magnificent way.

'A Letter from Isaiah'  is not a kind of movie that meets the expectations of one that finds pleasure watching a thriller movie or something like that. This healing movie is a historically informative piece of love, oneness, compassion, bravery and sacrifice and its creator wants to deliver it to the future humanity.

The film's director, writer and artist, MARTH, is a self-development seminar trainer and the wisdom of his life self-exploration is captured in this animation combined with beautiful imagery and excellent soundtracks. It is produced by Comfort Co.Inc, a healing animation production company in Japan.

This  animated documentary film becomes an experience of pure love, sorrow and ray of hope, while passing through the journey of historical hardships and brave inspiring movements of Isaiah and his beloved people. The story is presented in an amazing way through dialogue and historical descriptions without any fights or heroic battles.

The film contains a treasure of values, and the message delivered through this masterpiece animation movie is of great value that one could ever pass to the future humanity. This movie is not a conventional one, but  just a pure experience of love and oneness.

The message delivered through this nearly three hour movie deserves relevance in today's suffering world with perished love and  demoralized values where terrifying things like hatred and brutal killings are widespread, and growing.


Story Excerpts from The Movie

" A letter from Isaiah-Will of Isaiah" is the story of the people who traveled from the Middle East to Japan, amidst the conflict and Babylonian invasion 2700 years ago, to create a harmonious country of God. Millions of people, tired of fighting and competing, traveled to Japan, crossing 10,000 kilometers of land and seas to create a country of love and oneness, for the future of humanity.

It is the story of the parents and grandparents who have fallen on the way to the promised land and wished to return at least for their sons, grandsons and friends.

It is the story of a harmonious country with the legacy of love left behind by the Jewish chief, Isaiah Nagid.

The story opens with a narration of an amazing discovery of a 2600 years back letter, from Isaiah Nagid. The letter, which could be considered as his Will, reveals what human love is all about and contains Isaiah, the true leader's thoughts and feelings for his descendants.

In his willful notes, Isaiah tells his descendants to make a beautiful world, where everyone can live happily and fulfill the happiness of others.

Isaiah's willful notes in the letter continue like this…

'When you live with oneness, dream of one, and live with love, humanity will be happy and prosperous… just as flowers prosper when they take root in the earth and wither away when pulled out of it.

When you live with the brief that this world is separated, you will have a painful life, no matter who you are. On the contrary, if you think of love as oneness, you are instantly at peace.."


As the Babylonian invasion continued,

the king of Judah realized  that he and his country were going to perish. Out of his worry about what would happen to his beloved people, the king wept and pleaded with Isaiah to set sail with his beloved people towards the East and create a harmonious country of love and oneness, where there is no such sad values like deception, competition, comparison, domination, servitude, winning,  losing, conquest, destruction and brutal  killings, which all happens out of ego that arise from the belief in separation.


Few excerpts from the conversation:

Never hurt others even though you are hurt by them..

Never be the one to steal, even stolen by others..

Never be the one to cheat, even cheated by others..

For the sake of the beautiful world, and love, love others and enemies, and never hurt them.


One of Isaiah's descendants who reached Yamato in Japan, after the war ended wrote..

“Beautiful scenery of Yamato..

Beautiful trees, earth, festivals, people, mountains, flowers, farmland, culture, law, tradition...all that are beautiful.. 

A beautiful country of love that the beautiful chief made where all things are in harmony.

A country that respects oneness..

A country that makes the future of love..

People all over the world are beginning to love it…

And Waiting…

Will of Isaiah

I believe that now is the time for humanity to learn the truth and fundamentally change its way of life"



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