Harmonize with Nature and Enjoy Good Health

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harmonize with nature

To enjoy life we need to be healthy.

Think of one who is wealthy, beautiful or handsome, charming, having high social status but has a crippling state of health that limits the ability to move. Will that person be leading a pleasant life?

Health and happiness has to be first in the list of our priorities of accomplishments.
Once it is there we can prioritize the other resources at our will.

What is being healthy?

It is the state of being in good physical and mental condition.

What is being in good physical and mental condition?

It is being in a state where we are able to manage our body and mind at our will, being in a state of absolute harmony both of the body and the mind.

How to be in a state of harmony?

Simple, be in a state of harmony with nature. We are part of the nature and the more we are at harmony with the nature the more we will be in harmony with us. When we harmonize ourselves with the nature we are in harmony with our mind, body and spirit.


How to harmonize with nature?

Give our senses enough opportunity to feel nature


Eat Nature

Eat as much vegetable foods grown in natural environment as possible.
Use every opportunity to eat fresh plant ripen fruits. Plant ripen fruits have more anti aging components that will keep us younger and beautiful / handsome.
Remember that the human system is designed to survive on vegetables and not on meat. We only modified our system to ingest meat.


Hear Nature

We are designed to be soothed by the sound of the nature.
The sound created by the waves of the seas, the flowing streams, the tweeting birds, the singing of the insects, the crackling of the leaves of the trees by the wind etc are all created by the nature to sooth our nerves.
These sounds have both audible and inaudible frequencies together which it become the natural soothing.

When we listen to recorded or created sounds it may sound identical to the natural but be aware that we are comparing only the audible part. The inaudible part can be very different and may not deliver the natural functions. It can be disastrous as well. So find time to hear the nature without the disturbance of our creations.


See Nature

We are influenced by what we see. Our mood is affected by the color of our surroundings. Nature has a wide choice of colors for you to enjoy and merge with.See the brilliant sunset sky, watch a rainbow, see a clear night sky with all the twinkling stars all not disturbed by our creations.


Feel Nature

Feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun, the chill of a stream, walk in the rain, the shade of a tree in a sunny day.


Smell Nature

Aroma of nature is there to sooth you. The smell of various flowers and vegetations individually and collectively stimulate our system. The smells at the seaside, in a grassy field, on the first rainy day etc. are all different. The fragrances we buy are sure to lack many vital components that will help to sooth us.


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