Research: Green Tea and Papaya Could Prevent Diabetes



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Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of  blood sugar. If left un-attended, it leads over time to other serious health issues. 

According to World Health Organization (WHO), about 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, the majority living in low-and middle-income countries, and its prevalence is steadly increasing over the past  few decades. 

Several studies indicate that diabetes can be effectively prevent and managed by implementing lifestyle changes such as modifications in diet and exercise. 

Following healthy eating habits is the most important thing in diabetes management.

In a study, researchers at the Centre of Excellence Biomedical and Biomaterials at the Mauritius University concluded that green tea and fermented papaya are preventive means of diabetes.

The research head Prof. Theeshan Bahorun, when presenting the study findings said that the Mauritius green tea prevents an increase of sugar levels in the blood. 

Fermented Papaya helps positively reduce the level of the reactive protein C and the uric acid.

The researchers asked 77 participants who had reached pre diabetic stage to drink three cups of green tea before meals for 14 weeks. Apart from this 78 participants took hot water every day for the same period followed by a two week weaning period. Later all the participants were tested for the rate of glycemia and lipid, immune system, functioning of liver and kidneys, inflammation and ferrous toxicity.

They discovered thatgreen tea could reinforce the anti-oxidant defenses of those who had reached the pre-diabetic stage and most importantly, the tea did not have any negative impacts.


Another group of 127 people participated in the study on the fermented papaya on diabetes.

Out of these 50 consumed two packets of fermented papaya per day for a period of 14 weeks. 77 others took two glasses of hot water each day for the same period followed by a two weeks weaning period.

Then they were tested for glycaemia, cholesterol, urea, creatinine and uric acid.

Those who consumed two packets of fermented papaya showed several positive changes related to diabetes risk factors.   

Also, when taken in small doses, the fermented papaya could help in the promotion of oral hygiene in people having diabetes.

The results were very significant because they show a reduction of risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases without medical intervention.


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One thought on “Research: Green Tea and Papaya Could Prevent Diabetes

  1. Kevin Foodie

    This is a very interesting blog. I know that green tea has many heath benefits. I had no idea that fermented papaya leaf existed and has health benefits. I hope that more studies will proof the relationship between drinking these teas and lowering the risk of Diabetes.


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