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Stay Safe and Healthy During this Coronavirus Epidemic


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Every one of us wishes to stay in sound health. Nature or Universe has made the human body and its functions so complete that it is possible to stay healthy by keeping the internal systems working properly in a  coordinated and rhythmic manner.

Our body structure is designed in such a manner that it tends to be in this state, ie stay healthy unless there is an imbalance or difficiency of some thing necessary for its proper functioning.

Proper functioning of our body depends upon mainly three factors ie, proper diet, proper exercise and proper sleep (or rest)
If there occurs an imbalance in any of these fundamentals of health, illness creep into our body and it leads to the state of running after medicines.

Proper Diet

When diet is considered, incorrect food habits and overeating is a main reason for ill health.  We need food to obtain enough energy to our body. But for keeping the blood stream clean and all the organs to function in a proper and alert manner, we need to choose our food carefully.It should be pure and toxin free as much as possible.

Accoding to naturopathy, accumulated waste materials or toxins is said to be a cause for various ailments and the naturopathic system believes that micro organisms like bacteria germinates where toxins or unclean areas are located causing diseases. If we pay attention to this fact as a preventive measure , we can we can achieve good results before disease attacks.

Incorrect and imbalanced foods, irregular food habits, over eating and being a compulsive eater cause diseases to creep into our body,

If we feel heaviness, lazy , sleepiness or some type of discomfort  without any particular reason, it may be due to this toxic accumulation. We can get relief from this immedietly after a day of juice fast or water fast because it is an excellent way of cleansing (washing out the impurities) our body. Periodic fasting of one day will help to stay away from this type of toxic accumulations and body irritations.

Proper Exercise

To stay healthy and for the proper functioning,our body needs sufficient blood circulation to ensure each and every individual cells of our body gets enough oxygen. This can only achieved through proper physical exercises and breathing exercises like pranayama.

Rest and Sleep

Sleep and rest is essential for a person’s health and overall well being.  A large number of people suffer from lack of sleep (insomnia) and its consequences.

So making sure we feed our body with a healthy diet give our body proper exercise, rest and sleep is an easy way to stay healthy and fit.

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