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“Activate The Powerful Self-Healing Process Within You” is  written by Carolyn Hansen. a long-time Holistic Health and Wellness Coach who help others avoid the many mistaken beliepractices that diminish their health and vitality.

All the information is slanted towards individuals who are looking preventative measure to reduce their chances of falling into ill health. For the first time ever, you will learn the best natural strategies and techniques for preparing your body to defend itself against diseases no matter how insidious the threat, devoid of any form of drug, chemical intervention, or life restricting techniques .

It is a holistic approach to attain physical and emotional well-being by improving one’s current state of health. The emphasize is on nutrition and exercise to enhance the immune system and transform the body into a lean and healthy one.

This guide contains several components for building and maintaining superior health by tapping into your body’s natural self-healing process…

self healing

It contains the e-book “Activate The Self Healing Process Within You” as the primary course material and 9 audios designed to support the primary program including:

  • Audio  #1 Eliminate the Fear Of Disease [OR As Good As New – Heal With Lifestyle Choices]
  • Audio  #2 Take Back Control of Your Health
  • Audio  #3 Lifestyle Medicine – The Practice Of Active Self Healing
  • Audio  #4 Quick Tips to Boost Your Immune System
  • Audio  #5 Healthy Mind – Healthy Body
  • Audio  #6 Mind Tricks for Dealing With Stress
  • Audio  #7 Eating For Superior Health
  • Audio  #8 Having A Health-Span To Match Your Life-Span
  • Audio  #9 Balancing Your Health Bank Account

Check the Definitive GuideActivate The Powerful Self-Healing Process Within You… “  written by  Carolyn Hansen.


Read Some of the Testimonials Received for  Carolyn Hansen’s Extraordinary Work

“If just one person reading this book obtains significant health benefits from following a healthier lifestyle, then it has done its job. 

We all have family members that could live longer and better lives if they would change their eating and lifestyle habits. Carolyn’s lifetime of work in promoting healthier lifestyles is to be commended. “

Wade Glass
Chartered Accountant, Auckland, New Zealand

“I have been following Carolyn’s work over the past couple of years. I am so impressed with her passion in helping others reach their full potential. 

I have to say when I read “Activate The Self Healing Process Within You” I thought now here is a book anyone who wishes to defend themselves from the diseases of the modern world needs to read and then apply the health strategies she has laid out. I believe that she has found the missing link to revitalizing the self-healing properties of the human body.

If you need a time-tested guide to creating superior health you have found it in Carolyn’s book. From the first chapter to the last she has packed this book with insightful tips. Thank you Carolyn for your time and effort and helping so many people to create health by transforming fear into personal power!”

Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.
Best Selling Author of “Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century”

“I have known Carolyn as her health advisor for about ten years. She continues to amaze me with her understanding of wellness and her never ending quest to be continuously striving to be “better”. It is this passion to excel that has won her body building competitions in the past. Her enthusiasm to achieve peak health for herself and others around her compels her to take this message of “health and wellness” with this book to a wider audience. 

The pursuit of health has many components and in this book Carolyn details the importance of the lifestyle choices we make and their impact on our “wellness profile”. There is no substitute for good nutrition with our diets. Movement and exercise is an integral part of fitness and minimising disease.

There are several positive research studies now linking the role of exercise with disease prevention. Getting rid of addictions like smoking, alcohol, negative emotions and having strategies to dissipate stress and build resilience are the other key components in this equation.

We are now armed with the knowledge of the human genome and the impact to environmental influences in our genes. For the first time we are now able to understand the power of making “good choices” to modulate our gene pool positively towards a healthy and disease free life.

This book translates all this information in an easy to read manner that can be assimilated in our lives – making our lives healthier and meaningful for ourselves, our family and the community. 

I wish Carolyn all the success in her mission to make a “meaningful difference” to people’s lives with this book.”

Integrative Medicine Specialist

Check the Definitive GuideActivate The Powerful Self-Healing Process Within You… “ written by  Carolyn Hansen.


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