Mudras: Hand Alignment Symbols for Health and Well-Being



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Hand mudras are symbolic gestures or energy symbols formed with hands and fingers that are performed as a traditional practice, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is practiced in the aspect of achieving a state of physical and mental well-being and establishing a mind body connection, by stimulating and balancing the energy flow in our body.

In yoga, it is commonly used as a practice in conjunction with breathing exercises, meditation practices and in sitting positions like Sukhasana, Padmasana and Vajrasana.


The Concept Behind the Healing Power of Mudras

Almost all cultures (especially Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Japanese, Tibetan and Indian) believe in the concept that all matter in our Universe and Nature, including our physical bodies, is comprised of a balanced composition of five elements, namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aether (Akash, Space ). The five elements in our body are represented by our five fingers.

The fingers representing five elements are

Thumb – Fire
Index finger – Air
Middle finger – Ether
Ring finger – Earth
Pinky finger – Water

Practice of hand mudras using these figers regulates and balances the five elements of our body.




Main Curative Mudras

Gyan Mudra
Vayu Mudra
Akash Mudra
Sunya Mudra
Prithvi Mudra
Surya Mudra
Varun Mudra
Jalodar Mudra
Apan Mudra
Pran Mudra
Sahaj Shankh Mudra
Apan Vayu Mudra
Ling Mudra
Dhyan Mudra
Shanka Mudra


General Rule for Performing Mudras

There are no restrictions in the time or location while practising mudras. It can be performed while sitting, standing, lying, walking or even talking. It should be practiced for minimum 4-5 minutes and can be longer for better results.

Mudras should be performed with both the hands, but performing mudras with one hand only is also beneficial. Mudras done with the left hand affects the corresponding parts of the right side of the body. Consequently, a mudra done by the right hand has an effect on the left side of the body.

Touching of fingers is the most important aspect of Mudras. Apply easy and light pressure while doing mudras. The remaining fingers should be kept in a natural way without using force.

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