Adverse Health Effects when Your Body Doesn’t Get Enough Exercise



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Inactivity or lack of exercise leads to many long term health problems including so called lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Your body is naturally meant to get enough exercise to keep it in a healthy condition. If it does not get enough exercise, it goes way far beyond gaining weight. Even if it seems silly, lack of exercise leads to many things that you probably don’t even realize.

Below are some of the possible health risks you may be under, when your body does’t get the exercise it needs.

Weight gain


Low energy level

Poor blood circulation

Reduced oxygen levels in the blood

Weakened bones

Susceptibility to osteoporosis

Malfunctioning of the organs

Muscle atrophy



Sluggish blood flow

Shrinking of heart muscles

Mineral build up in organs

Plaque formation in the blood vessels

Increased visceral fat (accumulated fat around the waste)

Increased risk of diabetes, high blood cholesterol and hypertension

Increased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

If the period of inactivity is longer, you are more likely to suffer from these problems.  The  ever developing technologies and conveniences have shaped us to lead a sedentary lifestyle.. The researches conducted on the subject of sedentary habits in adults shows an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.Today’s common tendency of spending leisure time is sitting in front of televisions, computers or smartphones aiming to get some entertainment. We often do it for prolonged hours without even aware of its consequences.

To avoid the deleterious consequences of sedentary lifestyle, use your discrimination. Try to involve in activities that provide you the opportunities to break out some sweat, during leisure time, which in turn can enhance your Health.  Exercising at least thirty minutes a day can improve your overall health noticeably and its benefits persists as you go through with the routine regularly.

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