Mudra Therapy: How To Do Gyan Mudra, Akash Mudra and Varun Mudra



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Gyan Mudra

Join the tips of index finger and thump, applying light pressure.

Keep other fingers straight in a natural way.
Applying pressure is not necessary, but if you do, only slight pressure is needed.


  • Strengthens the brain.
  • Remove ill effects of mental stress.
  • Improves capability to grasp knowledge.
  • Mind becomes healthy and peaceful.
  • Face becomes shiny and pleasant.

One who practice Gyan Mudra daily gets relief from all mental defects  like unstableness, anger, laziness, fear and other disturbances

Akash Mudra

Join the tips of the middle finger and thumb.
Keep the other fingers straight in a natural way.


  • Regular practice of this mudra cures bone weaknesses.
  • Useful for relieving the stiffness that occurs when yawning.
  • Boost heart health.
  • Beneficial for ear infections.

Varun Mudra:

Join the tip of the little finger and thumb
Keep other fingers straight in a natural way.


  • Remove dryness of the skin
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Increase oily secretions on the body surface.
  • Purifies the blood.  
  • Relieves gastric disturbances.

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