Music Therapy: Guitar Techniques Has a Prominent Role

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Guitar techniques has a prominent place in music therapy. Guitar playing is now widely used by therapists for clinical purposes to aid patients to alleviate their problems. Due to its wide therapeutic use, guitar centers are also now popular. Therapists use guitar playing as means for improving their patient’s physical health, mental health and cognitive abilities.They use traditional guitar playing and alternate tunings.

Music therapy has been used since the time of King David and King Saul and the firs recorded use of official “music therapy” was in 1789. It was an article titled “Music Physically Considered” by an unknown author.

In music therapy, the therapist uses music and all of its facets (physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual) to help clients improve their physical and mental health as well as improving their social skills and quality of life.

Music therapy is considered as a behavioural science and is used for changing unhealthy behaviours and replacing them with more adaptive ones.

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3 thoughts on “Music Therapy: Guitar Techniques Has a Prominent Role

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