Study: Fast Food Makes people Lazy

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A new study research conducted by researchers from the University of Los Angeles reveals that junk food can actually make people lazy. According to the study, the energy draining effect of junk food can persist even after someone has switched to a healthy eating plan.

The study was conducted on two groups of female rats. One group was given junk food, high in sugar and other group was fed with unprocessed nutritious diet.

Study Result

The result was that those who ate junk food high in sugar and low in nutrients gained more weight than the other group. That group also suffered from fatigue and became more lethargic and less motivated.

At the end of the six-month trial, they switched the rats to a nutritious diet for nine days.  But it didn’t seem to affect their weight gain or laziness levels.

The result shows that sticking to fat diets for a longer period of time is associated with weight gain, laziness and poor performance.

On the contrary, eating well even when you’re busy doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive.The  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, suggests these quick, easy and cost-efficient healthy snack ideas for busy people.

Have a ready supply of snacks that combine protein and carbohydrates.

•    Eat apples with peanut butter
•    Eat carrots with hummus.
•    Snack on fresh fruits and hard boiled eggs.
•    Snack on bananas.
•    Eat almonds with some low-fat cheese or whole grain cereals.
•    Eat salads.

Applying a small shift in the eating habits can help to lose weight without much efforts or time consuming exercises.

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