Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Glowing Skin

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Everybody likes to be beautiful and have a glowing skin and want to look younger. Maintaining a healthy glowing skin is the easy way to achieve it. Most of us depends upon cosmetics and beauty products for that purpose and realize that it is of no use in long term. 

Real beauty depends on our daily habits like the food we eat and how much rest and sleep we get etc. Sticking on the right kind of food and making sure to get proper sleep is enough to keep our skin beautiful and glossy.


Following a well-balanced diet is very important to attain a healthy and soft skin. A nutritious diet which contains enough carbs, protein, minerals and vitamins will keep you look younger.  By including plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish will help to get enough omega3 fatty acids, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals to keep you stay active and healthy.. Deficiency of iron and B12 in the diet will result in the discoloration of  skin and will make it hard. Nutrients contained in cashew nuts helps to make the skin glossy.


Proper exercise also plays an important role in the maintenance of skin. Exposing to  morning sunlight and breathing fresh air is very useful and nourishing for the skin. Any type of physical exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. will help a lot to increase your overall energy level and circulation. This increased blood circulation reflects in your skin and it becomes more healthy. Sweating after the exercise is also beneficial for the skin because it will deeply cleanse the skin by wiping off all the impurities from inside. 

Practicing yogic exercises also helps to cleanse the body and rejuvenating the skin. It is excellent for achieving physical as well as mental health.

Making sure that we feed our body with a healthy diet, giving it proper exercise, rest and sleep is the most important factor to achieve a healthy looking skin as well as general health.  

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