Garlic: This Miracle Herb has Amazing Impacts on Our Most Serious Modern Diseases.



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Garlic is an ancient and versatile herb which has amazing impacts on our most serious modern diseases.

Garlic is currently under aggressive scientific investigation for its healing abilities.In the past two decades, 2000 studies have been conducted by world’s top researchers and established garlic’s powerful impacts on the most serious modern diseases.The researchers have isolated key nutritional and pharmacological ingredients of garlic that may have direct benefits against the major diseases of the time like hypertension, high cholesterol free radical damage, infectious diseases, immune deficiency disease etc.


Garlic Oil

Garlcioil is manufactured by isolating it’s essential oil through distillation and diluting the oil with vegetable oils such as soybean oil. Pure garlic oil is highly odorous and  because of the organic sulphides contained in it. So it is necessary to dilute it  Pure garlic oil contains non volatile components such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

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